I am a seasoned software engineer with solid experience across a variety of technologies, which includes working with Ruby on Rails for over a decade now. I’ve also worked with Python, C++ and Java.  As part of my work, I gained considerable experience with large, complex, and convoluted codebases.  This led me to become interested in clean code, automated testing, and software engineering best-practices.  I am also interested in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

My education includes a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania, a post master’s certificate in computer science from Johns Hopkins University (with a concentration in AI) and bachelor’s degrees in computer science and physics from Binghamton University.

Currently, my main focus on this website is writing Python programming lessons that will be bundled into a freely available course about Python core concepts.

Python is a relatively easy to use, easy to learn, versatile programming language. Because of these traits, Python has become a standard in artificial intelligence development. Its therefore a very important gateway to understanding and contributing to the discipline.

Python is not a high performance language (i.e. it is slow), but it’s easy to use. Consequently, it shines as a language for interfacing with and integrating high-performance tools and libraries, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV. It’s also great for implementing algorithms on your own from scratch in order to learn and understand them. With the ease-of-use of Python, you can better concentrate on the algorithm itself and less on the the particulars of the programming language.

None of the free Python educational resources I’ve seen online (and frankly… paid ones as well…) seem satisfactory to me. That’s what led me to want to crate the best Python course I wish I had when starting out. Following this project, I’ll continue on, writing about AI subjects I am most interested in, including deep learning, computer vision, and autonomous driving.

The “Saurus” theme of this website is based on a character I developed and is meant to convey a friendly, welcoming, and fun learning atmosphere.

In my tutorials and writings, I aim to be as clear as possible by providing succinct, yet complete explanations, with relevant examples. I hope you’ll find them useful.

Best Regards,

Saurus at the Computer